Talking Heads

Talking Heads: What will you miss most about working for The Journal?

“Flirting with my coworkers.” Ghazal Baradari-Ghiami, Vol 144 Video Editor

“Living across the street.” Blake Canning, Vol 144 Assistant News Editor


Talking Heads: What are your St. Patrick's Day?

“Going to some club at night if we’re not already dead.” Emily Saar & Natalie Mangialardi, ConEd ’19

“Aberdeen and drinking with some friends.” Lexi Campbell, ArtSci ’...Continue...

Talking Heads: Who did you celebrate for International Women’s Day?

“Mom. Always.” Hayley Chung & Sophia Su, Comm ’17 & ArtSci ’18

“Myself and Beyonce.” Elorm Vowotor, ArtSci ’18

“My housemates.” Meredith O’Brien,...Continue...

Talking Heads: Where do you feel the most at home on campus?

“Mac-Corry Hall.” Patricia Warren, ArtSci '19

“Stauff.” Rebecca Lindsay, PHEKin ’19

“The ARC.” Jacqueline Toole, PHEKin ’19

“Does my house count...Continue...

Talking Heads: What are your Reading Week plans?

“Heading to France to visit my boyfriend.” Jackie Ji, ArtSci ’17

“Seeing cousins in Waterloo and then going to Niagara.” Parnam Boparai, ArtSci ’19

“I’m spending...Continue...

Talking Heads: Who is your ideal celebrity valentine?

“Beyoncé. You get three valentines for one.” Shreeya Thakar, ArtSci ’17

“Wow, so many pretty people...Chris Pratt.” Samantha Rivas, ArtSci ’20

“Seth Rogan...Continue...

Talking Heads: Where would you go on exchange?

"A country in Scandinavia." Claire Weersink, PHEKin '20

"Japan." Jeffrey Turnock, Sci '17

"Paris." Claire Swarbrick, PHEKin '20


Talking Heads: What are you most excited for this holiday season?

"Hanging Christmas lights." Elspeth Yates, ArtSci '18

"Decorating the tree with my grandmother." Jordan Adair, ArtSci '18

"The food. I'm Polish." Ola...Continue...

Talking Heads: Thoughts on Week 11?

"It's Week 11 ..." Makenzie Mackay, ArtSci '17

"Thank god it's almost Christmas." Tamika Myskiw, ArtSci '19

"I like what I'm doing so the stress is manageable."...Continue...

Talking Heads: If you were to stage a protest, what would it be about?

"The pipeline expansion." Jess & Jamie Wakefield, ArtSci '17 & '20

"People not coming to the Memorial Centre to watch women's hockey." Addi Halladay, ArtSci '19...Continue...