Talking Heads

Talking heads: In one sentence, what advice would you give to your students?

“Live life to the full.” Christine Sypnowich, Philosophy

“Take the job you can get, not the job you want right now, because it’s just too difficult to find work...Continue...

Talking Heads: What’s the time commitment like for elections campaigns?

What’s the time commitment like for elections campaigns?Continue...

Talking Heads: What's been the hardest part of campaigning?

What's been the hardest part of campaigning?Continue...

Talking Heads: Who do you think stole the Journal sign?

“Frosh wanting house decor.” Emily Jones, ArtSci ’14

“Any Queen’s student.” Taha Khandwala, ArtSci ’16

“Maybe someone drunk?” Alanna Snoddon, Nurs ’17...Continue...

Talking Heads: How are you coping with finals?

“I’m going home this weekend.” Jenna Fletcher, ArtSci ’18

“Insane amounts of caffeine.” Nathan Quinn, Comm ’16

“My extracurriculars.” Emma Gandy, ArtSci ’...Continue...

Talking Heads: What would your dream course be?

“Rugby 101.” Gillian Pegg, Phe ’16

“Food Testing 227.” Conor Redmond, ArtSci ’18

“Netflix 305.” Jordyn Stem, ArtSci ’16

“Naptime 101” David Armesse,...Continue...

Talking Heads: What do you think of paying off student loans with travel points?

“If possible, great.” Holly Honderich, ArtSci ’16

“I don’t have too many points, but it would be great if I did.” Robbie Cheng, Comm ’17

“Any program that...Continue...

Talking Heads: Should some Halloween costumes be off-limits?

“There should be boundaries around sensitive topics.” Suzanne Breen, ConEd ’18

“I think Halloween’s a time when things should be taken lightly.” Meagan Norris, ArtSci '17...Continue...

Talking Heads: What do you think of the coverage of Justin Trudeau’s looks?

“It’ll fade and hopefully his leadership will shine through." Andrea Vovk, ArtSci ’18

“He has nice hair.” Ryan Thistlethwaite, ArtSci ’16

“Americans take...Continue...

Talking Heads: Who are you looking forward to seeing at QPOP?

“I'm excited to see Devan and Khalid." Edward Chen, ArtSci ’16

"Born Ruffians." Danielle Laver, ArtSci '16

“The Elwins Erin Hand, ArtSci '16