Exchange Diaries: Hong Kong, a month later

It's been a month since I've arrived in Hong Kong and I feel as if it might all be an illusion – maybe I'll wake up one day and I'll find myself in Kingston, an hour away from an 8:30 lecture....Continue...

Exchange Diaries: En route to Hong Kong

Brindan Baskaran is in Hong Kong on exchange for the upcoming year. He'll be sharing his experience as a regular contributor for QJBlogs.

In a couple of hours, I’ll be welcomed...Continue...

Exchange Diaries: Leaving for Lyon

Chloe Grande is in France on exchange for the upcoming year. She will be sharing her experience as a regular contributor for QJBlogs.

In four months I will return from...Continue...

Top out-of-town exhibits

In order to get a glimpse at this season's most anticipated museum exhibitions, you may have to head out of Kingston. Here are three out-of-town exhibits - in New York City, Toronto and Ottawa -...Continue...

Make It A Kingston Summer

By Katherine Kopiak (ArtSci ’14)

It’s that time of year again, and if you’ve yet to decide what you are doing this summer, I have a suggestion for you: stay in...Continue...

Take A Visual Vacation

By Laura Russell

Have a passion for travelling yet lacking the funds? Take a visual vacation and watch movies with great scenery and cultural depiction. Here are 10...Continue...

Exchange Diaries: The At Home Foreigner

By Cole Meagher (LifeSci ’14)

My experience in Glasgow has been amazing so far and all the credit is due to the people I’ve met, both the other students here on exchange...Continue...

Exchange Diaries: From Paris To Switzerland

By David Kong (Comm ’14)

Switzerland, by most standards, is a completely respectable nation. It’s rich yet equal, patriotic yet peaceful, diverse in culture and language...Continue...

Exchange Diaries: From Paris To Italy

By David Kong (Comm ’14)

Italy is the direct product of the greatest civilization in history that led the world into the modern era via the Renaissance. From these...Continue...

Exchange Diaries: From Vienna To Kingston

By Philipp Lürzer (Comm '13)

When I told my friend back in Austria that I would leave Vienna to study in Kingston for one semester, he told me that I was insane. “All...Continue...