Exchange Diaries: First Impressions of Glasgow

By Cole Meagher (ArtSci ‘ 14)

When asked why I chose to go on exchange by my friends or family, for the longest time I didn’t know what to say. I usually gave a standard...Continue...

Exchange Diaries: First Impressions of Paris

By David Kong (Comm ‘ 14)

To quote Les Misérables, “To stray is human. To saunter is Parisian.” Such is the atmosphere in Paris; hustle and bustle does not exist, and a...Continue...

Why You Should Volunteer Abroad

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

I was lucky enough to partake in a two-week service trip to the Dominican Republic in 2008, and to this day I consider this to be the happiest two...Continue...

Exchange Diaries: Preparing For Your Exchange

By Jonny Klynkramer (ArtSci ’ 14)
Staff Writer

Here are a few things I wish somebody had told me before I left for India:
• Travel, travel, travel: Even if it's just day...Continue...

Travel planning to-do list

Things to remember before embarking on a trip for first-time and forgetful travellers.Continue...