Journal Sessions: Season V

Season V is a newly-formed Kingston-based indie pop band. The six Chinese international students met while attending Queen’s University, and bonded over their common love for creating music. In 2019, they decided to join together to write and record their own original songs. 

The band features Alice Wang on piano, Key Hu on vocals, Siyi Quan on vocals, Qingchuan Yang and Xiao Liu on guitar, Jijun Sun on bass, and Jason Yichen Zhao on drums. 

Each member has been passionate about creating music from a young age. 

“This band is very diverse,” said Zhao. “All of us listen to such different stuff that it creates both conflicts and sparks creativity.”

Season V wants to showcase Chinese culture while in Canada by developing a unique musical style. They have participated in music festivals in Kingston and Ottawa and plan to continue to expand their audience base beyond the Chinese student community. 

“I think music is the one thing everyone can understand,” said Hu. “Whether they’re Chinese or Canadian, or wherever our listeners are from, it doesn't matter because we want to show the Chinese culture to the people through the language and through the music.”

Season V is planning to release an EP with their original music later this year.


Season V是一支新成立的独立摇滚乐队。队内总共有六名中国留学生,他们在皇后大学(Queen’s University)见面,并因他们对创作音乐的共同爱好而在一起做音乐。在2019年,他们决定开始创作和录制自己的原创歌曲。

乐队的成员包括键盘手王青(Alice Wang),男主唱中的胡博文,女主唱的全思怡,吉他手川川和刘骁,吉他上的孙基钧和鼓手赵轶臣。 


“这个乐队非常多样化,”赵轶臣说。 “我们所有人都有不同的音乐背景,听的歌和喜欢的东西都不同,但正是是因为这样我们才会把音乐做的多样化” 

Season V 希望通过发展独特的音乐风格来展示加拿大的中国文化。他们参加了在金斯敦很多春晚的演出还有渥太华乐首音乐节的演出,并计划继续将听众群体扩大到中国学生社区之外。

胡博文说:“我认为音乐是每个人都能理解的一件事。” “无论他们是中国人还是加拿大人,还是我们的听众来自哪里,都没关系,因为我们希望通过语言和音乐向人们展示中国文化。”

Season V 计划在今年晚些时候发行带有原创音乐的EP。

Translated by Key Hu (ArtSci '22).

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