In search of our Roots

September 19, 2000
Our proud Olympians entered into Sydney’s extravagant opening ceremonies a little under-dressed in their hip Roots gear — despite the less-favorable, sexual use of the word on the island continent.

Canada’s Man

September 15, 2000
Last week the news of Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s illness spread with the same fever and intensity that he created in 1966 when he stepped onto the Canadian political-landscape. Millions of Canadians sent their condolences, flooded the steps of his Montreal home, and collectively tried to imagine a Canada without Trudeau — what they realized is that, regardless of Trudeau’s health, such a Canada simply does not exist.

Rethinking AIDS

September 15, 2000
South African President Thabo Mbeki recently drew harsh criticism from around the world by organizing a conference of 500 AIDS researchers. These researchers constitute the loudest voice speaking out today against the accepted view that the HIV virus causes AIDS.

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September 15, 2000
This year’s Tricolour Yearbook looks great. Editor-in-chief Ben Arkin made good on his promise of last year to do away with the “high-schoolish” look of recent yearbooks, and he oversaw the production of a pleasing reminder of 1999-2000 at Queen’s. For some students, at least.

If only for the sake of legacy

September 12, 2000
In 1969, Neil Armstrong left a footprint on the surface of the moon to mark his visit well into the future. A symbol, that has forever left its mark on humanity’s view of space exploration. And rightly so, as the quest for perpetuity is a normal human drive, these astronauts meant to embody their achievements as something more tangible.

Gimme a break, Scottie

September 12, 2000
There’s some bad blood in the William Shatner building at McGill, and it shouldn’t have made as much national press as it has. Heavy-handed grandstanding on the part of the McGill student union, and apparent stubbornness on the part of a student-run paper have given other student papers around Canada, including The Journal, a meaty story to sink their teeth into.

Nice ol’ college try

September 12, 2000
True to a campaign promise of the AMS executive, the Campus Activities Commission is offering a series of extra-curricular courses called ‘Q College.’

Java Caveat

September 8, 2000
In July 1997, the Queen’s Journal reported that a Starbuck’s Coffee Co. kiosk was set to open in the foyer of Stauffer Library. It didn’t. Then president of the Alma Mater Society, Maynard Plant, said the Starbuck’s proposal from food-service provider Marriott “smacked of impropriety.” What right did Marriott have, Plant asked, to invite a major multinational corporation to hawk its wares in our academic nerve centre?

Mind the gap

September 8, 2000
As everybody living on Johnson Street knows the city has decided to proceed with construction in the Student Village during one of this area’s busiest times. Neither torn up streets on move-in day, the negative effect on parking, nor the early morning wake-up calls with a jack-hammer are beneficial to the needs and wants of Queen’s students. Admittedly this is a burden to those students who live in and around this area, but negative feelings toward the City of Kingston should be reserved for a time when they are better deserved.

Surviving Reality

September 8, 2000
Now that Richard has fattened himself back up on a million dollars worth of Twinkies and all Joel’s friends are sick and tired of his ‘this time on the island…’ stories, millions across America have been left with a large hole to fill in their Wednesday nights and perhaps their lives.
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