April 7, 2023

Darts & laurels 2022-23

Graduate students seek affordable housing after Queen’s housing complexes fill up:
March 31, 2023

Pride jerseys should be worn proudly or not at all

The choice to wear a pride jersey should be up to the players. 
The staff of Concordia University’s student newspaper The Link recently published an editorial airing their frustration at the circumstances that led half their masthead to resign, namely a lack of financial compensation. 

The don of a new era

March 24, 2023
Queen’s dons should take the opportunity to unionize and run with it.   
The fight for gender equality continues on and off the field. 
We shouldn’t have to convince doctors to take us seriously.
Homework can do a lot of good, but it can do just as much harm with the wrong approach.
It’s our responsibility to build on the momentum generated by Canada’s single-use plastic ban. 
It’s a sad start to March for the Queen’s creative community.
Surrendering our privacy is normal these days, but it shouldn’t be taken so lightly. 
Competition has been said to breed excellence, but in the case of this AMS election season, it’s left us with nothing more than controversy and disappointment.
The recent uptick in violence on Toronto public transit prompted the city to respond with a greater police presence on trains, buses, and at TTC stations.
Queen’s should stop shortchanging faculty or risk further damaging its reputation.
Canada’s new alcohol consumption guidelines are a rude awakening.
We’re discovering generosity has limits. 
It’s 2023 and the bars still aren’t safe enough.
Responsible sports betting is possible, but gamblers should proceed with caution.
It’s a familiar scene: female relatives bustling in the kitchen while everyone else sits enjoying the holiday.
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