April 7, 2023

University students deserve snow days too

When most of us think back on our fondest memories from elementary, junior high, and secondary school, the absolute first thing to come to mind are snow days.
March 31, 2023

Studying literature should be fun

Compulsory period-specific courses damage our relationship to reading—bored students don’t make good literary scholars.
March 31, 2023

Respect your elders by investing in them like young people

It’s no secret our society implicitly places a higher value on the young. 
Immigrant filmmakers are working toward a form of universalism in the film industry. 
The Grammys reflect currency, not excellence. 
It’s one thing to memorize words from a textbook or listen to a lecture, but what students really need are practical skills that can help them secure a job after graduation.
When asked about their plans to watch the Oscars, people are often ambivalent or indifferent toward the question.
It’s no secret we need money to live, but centring our entire lives around work is problematic for our mental health and our overall well-being, too.
Sex, intimacy, and romance are considered private affairs—until a couple’s ages becomes subject to public critique, that is.
Photos are great, but they’re no substitute for memories.
Imagine this: you dedicated your life to something, worked hard, and now, finally, you’re seeing the dividends of your efforts. 
There seems to be this idea of summer as something transformative, but just because the seasons change it doesn’t mean we automatically become new people. 
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