‘Someone Lives Here’ is an impactful and well-constructed documentary

A documentary film showcases the political complexity and hardships associated with housing the unhoused.
March 8, 2024

‘Dark Highway’ holds world premiere in Kingston about human trafficking

As part of the Kingston Canadian Film Festival (KCFF), Dark Highway had its world premiere at the Kingston Grand Theatre.
January 12, 2024

Chronic pain in ‘Below the Belt’

‘Below the Belt’ explores patients with undiagnosed chronic pain
January 12, 2024

Are clunky Kodaks in for 2024?

In recent years, grainy photos taking days to develop have made a return and are possibly becoming more favourable than the omnipresent high-resolution iPhone.

Two dimensions are plenty

March 24, 2023
You’re on the Landmark Cinemas website to check the showtimes for a new movie you’re super excited to see.
Trains, queerness, and dentistry don’t seem like they should go together, but in Suzette Mayr’s Giller Prize-awarded novel The Sleeping Car Porter, the seemingly divergent converge.
The vibrant film community of Kingston had five days filled with cinema over the weekend hosted by the Kingston Canadian Film Festival. Last Friday, Den Mother Crimson premiered at the Kingston Grand Theatre where the cast and production team walked the red carpet. 
Verona is coming in hot at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival starting today.
The air is still crisp, but hearts are warm during the week before Valentine’s Day—tis the season for movies about love that couples will enjoy and with which singles will comfort themselves.
When Daniel Gold graduated from the Film & Media Program at Queen’s nearly ten years ago, his dream was clear—but how to get there wasn’t.
The adage “boys don’t cry” is obviously untrue in both Hollywood and real life, but films have prescribed a narrow set of circumstances in which it’s permissible for male characters to cry without risking their manhood.
Reelout Queer Film Festival has returned to Kingston for its 24th iteration, bringing viewers 76 short and feature-length narratives and documentaries from 15 different countries.
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