March 31, 2023

The clash between sustainability and affordable fashion

Fast fashion giant H&M has announced its latest collaborative collection, this time with Paris designer brand Mugler.
March 24, 2023

Salman Toor explores intimacy and care

Pakistani artist Salman Toor’s intimate portrayals of comfort relay insightful depictions of marginalized people in safe settings, free to be themselves without scrutiny.
March 17, 2023

Resistance artwork represents Lebanese people reclaiming space

Beirut, a city where war never ends, is at the centre of the Images of Resistance showcase located at the Art and Media lab in the Isabel Bader Centre. 

What’s your medium?

March 10, 2023
Creative projects that stem from visual creation—in this case painting and screen printing—allow for works to be produced where there was nothing before, taking an ideafrom one’s imagination and translating it onto a canvas to be observed by the masses.
The first instalment of “Spoiled,” a new art project started by Kingston-based artist Francisco Corbett, is set to debut Thursday, March 2 at the Kingston School of Art & Window Art Gallery.
Having lived in Kingston for years, Winsom Winsom’s been on the Kingston Racial Harmony board and has been involved with the International Centre at Queen’s to foster equity and inclusion within the city and student community.
roid’Art and its ice-encased art pieces are returning to Kingston this month.
Cezanne’s Closet, an annual student-led art fundraiser, is returning to Union Gallery this month.
At the end of the year, the Agnes Etherington Art Centre will close for renovations and updated exhibitions.
Union Gallery is collaborating with PSAC 901 to create a space for discourse on the binary between student and worker experienced by international graduate students at Queen’s. 
Art museums across the world have been the setting for the latest climate protests as activists have taken throwing everything from soup to mashed potatoes on famous paintings. 
“Close to My Heart (Near & Dear)” debuted at Hoopla Gallery this week, paying homage to Kellogg’s cereal, clowns, and community in an immersive experience.  
Francisco Corbett is pairing up with friend and housemate Alan Harman for an art show that infuses chaotic good with irony at Hoopla Press & Gallery on Oct. 26.
Union Gallery is set to open a new exhibition, of longing and songbirds to the public on Oct 4.

Logos are art too

September 23, 2022
A great logo shouldn’t just sell you something—its purpose shouldn’t end with its function as a strategic tool.
There’s a new Gallery Director at Union Gallery. 
A group of artists have come together to transform the exterior of the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.
Photographs are a foundational part of the modern human experience.
Political and creative realms have long overlapped. 
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