April 7, 2023

Invisible illness shouldn’t lead to sub-par treatment

The healthcare system faced extreme pressures that caused fatigue and slowed service provision at the peak of COVID-19—but what’s the excuse now? 
I’ll miss everything except adding hyperlinks to articles, but I need to be more specific. I’m amazed at how much I care about this newspaper. I have more love for the people I’ve met and worked with—and for Queen’s sports—than I ever thought possible. I’ll be back, but maybe without the press pass. Go Gaels go!—Sarah Maat, Volume 150 Senior Sports Editor 
We need to talk about long COVID.
In-person exams are a dated tradition that don’t quite fit with modern academia. 
Dear Editor,Wealth—in addition to selfishness—is the problem with billionaires.On January 13th, an Editorial appeared in the pages of The Journal arguing that billionaires like Jeff Bezos should not be criticized for simply owning extreme amounts of wealth.
Ben believes AI-generated writing can leave students feeling unmotivated.
Dear Editor,I’m writing with regard to recent conversations within the don community about the opportunity for unionization through the United Steel Workers (USW). Given this incredible opportunity to provide dons with a real voice in the decisions that affect them, I’m appealing to my co-workers to vote in favour of unionization.
The role of research in shaping the future of the academic world and university cannot be overemphasized.
As a Black girl navigating predominately white environments, I always understood the demand for a safe space that’s wholly and authentically centered around the experiences and perspectives of Black individuals. 
Social justice work was draining until I found poetry.  
There is a stark divide of financial privilege at Queen’s.
Clubs are in their era of revitalization.
I know this letter wasn’t the first of its kind and won’t be the last. As graduation approaches, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the things I’ve learned. Queen’s has been profoundly transformative, but in hopes of being candid about my experience, I thought you should know I wasn’t prepared for the degree to which sexual violence would live on every page of my university experience.
Why aren’t happy experiences the ones we want to analyze as literary critics? Why do we so often gravitate toward sad or traumatic stories in English literature courses?
We need to give ourselves a break. 
There has recently been heightened media attention on the accessibility of menstrual products for women of lower socioeconomic backgrounds. 
A healthy, stable home environment is critical to well-being. With students now expected to work and study from “the comfort of their own homes,” online learning has elevated the importance of a positive home environment as part of academic study. 
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