When Slade Stoodley comes home after an ENGL 451 lecture on Victorian fairy tales, he likes to consult with his study buddy and three-year-old daughter, Evee. 
The Journal investigated the relationships immigrant students have with the cultural diaspora of Nigeria and how they connect to places with their families of origin.  
Pets are legally classified as personal property in Canada, which advocates in Kingston and beyond see as contradictory to the convictions of animal lovers.
Women’s Basketball just returned from their second ever—and second consecutive—appearance at nationals. However, their progress as a team these past two years goes far beyond the medals they’ve earned. 
Kingston resident Brian Geddes “has not had a locked door behind [him]” for the past three years.
Even one drink a week could harm your health, the Canadian Center on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) declared on Jan. 17.
“The category of Blackness and Black Studies has an inherent hybridity to it because the onslaught of colonialism and the transatlantic slave trade touched every single aspect of the lives of the people of African descent. Every single aspect,” Jennifer S. Leath, assistant professor for the School of Religion, said in an interview with The Journal.  
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