There are more characters in SpongeBob than there are cities whose people I would recommend fully adopt a non-car-centric lifestyle. 
The clocks turning back one hour on Nov. 2 marks that time of year when you walk out of your lecture at 5:30 p.m. to find it pitch-black outside. 
Behind the comfortably abstracted word ‘leather’ is the truth that Queen’s symbolic jacket is made of cow skin. 
Three weeks ago, my two friends and I watched Blonde at The Screening Room. 
When a massacre is over and the guns go quiet, the killers are left with a logistical nightmare of hiding their victims’ remains. 
The world can be a dark place sometimes. 
Queen’s is known for its academic achievements, notable alumni, and incredible faculty. However, it’s also known for its notorious party scene.  
5000 incoming students, 130 Orientation executives, and 1000 Orientation leaders. This is the person-power needed to plan and execute one of Canada’s most extensive student-run university Orientation Weeks. 
Over the last 10 years, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of mental health. 
Generation Z’s attention span is shortening.
September will be a watershed moment for the Queen’s student experience. After three years of unsettledness, classes and clubs are finally moving back in person.  
The first time I experienced queer joy was in June of 2019 at a local queer prom.  
On May 13,the Instagram account @raperelief shared a screenshot from a Global News article with their thousands of followers explaining a decision made by the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) involving section 33.1 of the Criminal Code.
With Queen’s suspending masking and vaccination mandates starting May 1, it’s important we discuss why the popular notion of “learning to live with COVID” doesn’t mean we should throw our hands up in the air and hope for the best.  
I am going to miss the late-night, delusion-driven banters with the copy team, the late-night calls with my beloved newsies, and all the ‘I hope this email finds you well’ I’ve typed in the last eight months
On Mar. 19, I was racially profiled and assaulted. 
In December 2021, the Queen’s Student Experience Survey (SES) Report was released in response to the University’s Declaration of Commitment to Address Systemic Racism.
Approximately two years ago to the day, our lives were turned upside down. With the onset of the pandemic, much of the university—including recreation clubs—shuttered.
The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has escalated into war. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a tragedy. While those around the world share support for Ukraine, it’s imperative Queen’s demonstrates this same support for Ukrainian staff and students. 
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