Anyone who’s tried to take a vacation in the last few years knows travel isn’t what it used to be. 
Queen’s Finance Association (QFA) had its activities suspended this month following a serious incident of non-academic misconduct. 
Virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are a part of daily life nowadays.
Tech tyrant and notorious billionaire Elon Musk finally made his Twitter purchase official this past week to the dismay of many users. 
While the AMS budget for this school year looks somewhat promising compared to years past, The Journal only recently gained access to this document that should be public.
As The Journal reported last week, antisemitic graffiti was discovered in the new Albert Street residence building earlier this month.
The highly anticipated, highly controversial FIFA Men’s World Cup is less than a month away.
The now infamous course “Taylor Swift’s Literary Legacy” is running this semester through the Queen’s English department. 
The ever-controversial Kanye “Ye” West has crossed several new lines over the past few weeks. 
It’s the first club meeting of the year and the dreaded fun fact has come out to play. Cue the collective internal groan.
Jason Allen, a contestant in a recent digital art competition, sparked controversy by an using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool called Midjourney to win. 

Moms are human too

October 1, 2022
Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world—respecting that labour means granting women some much-needed space to be human. 
It’s not all that often that celebrity and climate news intersect, but thanks to an investigation by sustainable marketing company Yard that has recently circulated, the impact of individual A-listers on the environment has been exposed in detail. 
Over the past few months, various stories have circulated in the news about violent criminals being released after their sentences despite the potential risk of them reoffending.  

Nobody owes you a story

June 27, 2022
Australian actor Rebel Wilson recently came out in an Instagram post after Andrew Hornery, a gossip columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald, contacted her team.
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