Industrial Music

September 19, 2000
The dawning of the Digital Age, when culture and entertainment are reduced to ‘1’s and ‘O’s, has ambushed the status quo, forcing long-stable industries to re-evaluate just how they do business.
Over the last few years here at Queen’s, students and faculty alike have debated the pros and cons of the corporate presence in the classroom.

Hardcore Devotion

September 12, 2000
Extreme Championship Wrestling, the third largest North American wrestling group, held its first-ever Canadian show in Mississauga over the weekend.

The Taming of the Frosh

September 8, 2000
Personally, I liked Frosh Week. It wasn’t a defining moment in my life, but I had a good time. Still, there are those who swear that the universe-affirming events of Orientation Week are what make Queen’s the best university in the whole wide world, and there’s also those who detest its cultish, mind-controlling rah-rah-rah propagandic nature.
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