Overheard on Aberdeen 2009

Girl to police officer: “You’re interrupting our cuddling!”

“I feel like I need to call my first-year friends and apologize for this party.”

Police officer to student: “If you get arrested, that’s not good for your resume.”

“I’m loving this pirate hat, it’s so warm!” -Guy wearing a black tri-corner hat with a red scarf.

“If all the cops left, I would leave too. I’m only here to watch the cops.” -Guy with his priorities straight.

“There’s the Journal to watch you if you get arrested.” -ArtSci ‘84 pointing at Journal reporter.

“Look at my missed calls! So many people are miss-calling me because I’m having so much fun.” -Drunken first year who just can’t get enough

Man to police officer: “Can I get a fake picture of you arresting us?”

“A cop came up to me and thought I had a red cup. The cop said ‘Where’s your red cup?’ I said, ‘I don’t have a red cup, I have a carrot. I want to feed the horses.” -Guy holding a big orange carrot, talking to his friend.

Guy to cop: “Can I pet your horse?”

Cop to guy on lawn: “I’m getting paid, bro, that’s all I care about.”
Guy on lawn: “You should come have a beer with us after!”

“It’s official: when I graduate, I want to be a Canadian Mounted Police Officer.”-Guy with big aspirations.

Spotted: guy walking down University Ave wearing a Snuggie.
Cop: “Ohh, THAT’S a Snuggie?”

Girl: “Where’s Aberdeen?!”

Cop #1: “What would you rather be doing tonight?”
Cop #2: “I’d rather be drinking.”

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