Staff Picks: Best meals on campus

Journal staff serve their go-to campus eats

Our oicks for tastiest Queen’s food.

There are lots of things to miss about being on campus: walking past ivy-covered buildings, working in the libraries, and grabbing something delicious to eat between classes.

To fuel your appetite for all things food at Queen’s and give you something to look forward to when learning starts returning to normal, some Journal staff divulged their favourite on-campus meals.


The best meal on campus is the BLT and waffle fries from Location 21 (Loco).

Unlike The Lazy Scholar, the food doesn’t come as quick, but it’s so much better. The bread is crispy, the bacon is greasy, and you don’t feel that gross dining hall feeling after you’re done. Plus, waffle fries could make any meal worthwhile, even when you have to trek all the way to the far end of campus.

—Aysha Tabassum, Features Editor

The chicken pad Thai at Khao in the JDUC is perfect for a late-night meal in between study sessions.

You can easily hop over there after a study session at Stauffer, then hop right back! The dish comes with noodles, carrots, peanuts, and the protein of your choice. Plus, Khao wonderfully provides bottles of sriracha hot sauce at all their tables. It’s warm, greasy, fast, and delicious—what more could you want from a campus meal?

—Raechel Huizinga, Editor in Chief

The 12” sub from the Lazy Scholar is by far the best meal on campus.

Turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, red onions, and black olives on a sub big enough to feed a small family make this a staple. That order is my go-to, but variety is the spice of life, so switching up toppings every once in a while made this a meal worth going back to.

I used to grab this sub, shove it into my backpack to avoid shame of its huge size, and get into bed back in my room to devour this entire monster in one sitting. It was absolutely the catalyst of my Freshman 15, yet I feel zero regrets.

I could talk about the mouth feel or the oaky afterbirth of this sub for days.

—Jodie Grieve, Photo Editor

While I haven’t eaten it in four years, the breakfast at Location 21 is the only campus meal that holds a special place in my heart.

Eighteen-year-old me naively used approximately 60 meal equivalencies over the fall semester, leaving me with 140 meals I forced myself not to waste. From January to April, I spent most mornings before class with my box of fried eggs, potatoes, and peameal bacon, which I miss dearly to this day. It was probably the simplicity, but breakfast was one of the few meals I consistently enjoyed in first year, and I owe it to this meal.

I also hadn’t built up my caffeine dependency yet, so maybe I’m idealizing the time of life when I could wake up using a natural source of energy. It feels like centuries ago, but I’ve yet to reproduce the reliability of the Location 21 breakfast.

—Matt Scace, Managing Editor

If you don’t think the bagels at Commoun Ground (CoGro) are the best thing to eat on campus, I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. A little crunchy, toasty goodness, a healthy layer of cream cheese, and a veggie or two—what more could you possibly need?

There are endless delicious combinations to try, but you can’t go wrong with a cheddar bagel, spinach and feta cream cheese, cucumber, sprouts, and some turkey.

Last year I ate a CoGro bagel every chance I could get one. They were there for me through long nights at the library and early mornings at work, and each one was as scrumptious as the last.

If there’s one thing I’m going to take away from my university education, it’s a love of bagels. 

—Shelby Talbot, Lifestyle Editor

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