Hailey & Selena put feud rumours to rest

Rumours reveal media’s insistence on pitting women against each other

Fans noted Hailey and Selena’s picture together as a cultural reset.

On Sunday, Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez were pictured together at the Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles. After years of the media and fans pitting the two against each other, it was refreshing to see them together as friends.

Given Bieber and Gomez’s relationships to Justin Bieber, fans have taken sides, arguing over which woman is a better suitor to Justin. Moreover, there have been various allegations of Bieber “stealing” Bieber from Gomez, or being involved while Gomez’s relationship with Bieber was still ongoing.

While fans have their flaws and rumours and allegations come with being in the public eye, of deeper concern is the media’s incessant need to villainize both women.

This past September, Alex Cooper did just that. On her podcast, Call Her Daddy, Cooper hosted Bieber and pressed questions about Gomez’s role in Bieber's marriage.

When Cooper pressed about cheating, or ‘overlap’ rumours, Bieber said: “This is so crazy; I’ve literally never talked about this ever. A lot of the hate and perpetuation comes from [people thinking], ‘oh, you stole him.’”

Both women have asked people to drop the drama and hate around the situation.

Earlier this year, Bieber retaliated against Tik Tok comments comparing her to Gomez. She asked they leave her alone and said given how long it’s been, the hate needs to stop.

While I understand podcasts rely on drama and difficult questions to receive viewers, there’s malicious intent involved. The media constantly discusses this topic with each woman; both women, successful in their respective industries, are seen as being in a fight for supremacy.

When media outlets perpetuate such an idea, they fuel the stereotypes that women are jealous, catty, and quick to compete over men.

It’s been made abundantly clear how our society values a woman based on a man. If (Justin) Bieber weren’t in this situation, there’d be no discussion.

The media takes interest in the idea there’s a prize to be fought over—Justin—and they’ll tear down the two women until one gives in, no matter the cost.

Bieber and Gomez aren’t seen as the powerful, beautiful, successful women they are, but rather as two women who deserved to be hated and compared for their involvement with the same man.

We need to fight back against the idea there can only be so many powerful women, that women cannot be kind to one another, and that a woman’s worth is based on her relationship or involvement with a man.

To all my women: you’re worth so much more than your relationship.

While the photo of Bieber and Gomez seems unimportant in the grand scheme of things, it makes a large impact. The women putting the rumoured feud to rest is what we need to see right now.

Given the lack of female empowerment and support we currently see in our society, it’s imperative we consume media of women supporting and being kind to one another. We need to break the false stereotypes about women’s ‘cattiness’ and free ourselves from the idea we must be in constant competition with one another—especially when it's over men.

Bieber and Gomez’s photo together is more than just a cultural reset; it’s an all-important reminder that women can work together and support each other.

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