Do you want to build a snowman—together?

Four winter date ideas that will break the ice

Being outside in the wintertime can be fun and romantic.

Active dates

For those who prefer to go out and be active in the wintertime rather than cuddle up inside to avoid the cold, a skating, skiing, or snowboarding date is the perfect one for you. This date option offers so many positives, which is why it’s a personal favourite of mine.

If this is a first date, you can bond over something you both enjoy doing—at least you’re engaging in a sport/hobby you enjoy while burning some calories if you don’t click.

If you prefer active dates but don’t know how to skate, ski, or snowboard, this date is a cute opportunity for your significant other to teach you! You can learn how to do something new while also getting a cute experience out of it.  

The Springer Market Square right downtown Kingston offers a public rink to skate at from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Batawa Ski Hill is also just outside of Kingston, located closer to Belleville, and is a small but nice hill for those who want to hit the slopes.

A playful kind of love

There are certain people who make you feel like you’re in elementary school again—butterflies in your stomach, getting nervous when they’re around, blushing, etc. It’s almost embarrassing feeling like you’re right back to grade six. So, to match these feelings, here’s a childish date I’ll always recommend in the wintertime.

If you and your significant other are the playful type, a sledding date is the perfect option for you. There’s no doubt you’ll get a few good laughs ripping down those hills as adults together while getting some feelings of nostalgia from your childhood.

Indian Road Park, located just off Princess St. and Portsmouth Ave., has a large hill perfect for tobogganing.

An upgrade from coffee dates

Coffee dates are a standard first date in all seasons. However, to get more into the cold weather spirit, hot chocolate is a bit more festive. While CRAVE is known for their coffees and snacks, they also make excellent hot chocolate.

Grabbing hot chocolate is a great way to really get to know your partner. You can talk with them more intimately than the previous date options since you’re in a setting that focuses only on the two of you.

This date is about finding out if you two really mesh, or if you simply enjoy each other’s company. It isn’t really about the hot chocolate—but that sure is a plus!

A winter wonderland

If you’re looking for a good middle ground between super active and more intimate, going on a nature walk may be the date for you!

The Lemoine Point Nature Trail is a quick 15-minute drive from our campus. The terrain is not difficult but still allows for about a five-kilometer walk. You’ll get to walk along the waterfront, into some of the wooded areas, and there are benches if you want to take a break.

Walking the trail allows you to talk to your partner and get to know them further, or simply admire the scenery of the walk you’re taking together, take some pictures, and get some exercise in. It really is the perfect date for those who enjoy the wintertime and can be a romantic one  if the weather is right—the trail is your own winter wonderland.


Hopefully some of these date ideas allow you to cozy up to someone and have a romantic winter season.

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