Arts & Science faculty society planning charity basketball game

Fundraiser seeks to ignite passion of the faculty

ASUS is preparing for an inter-faculty competition. 
The Engineering and Commerce Tricolour Classic game has inspired the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) to create a similar experience for Arts and Science students. 
The new event will have two teams—one Arts, the other Science—who will compete in the ArtSci Cup basketball game on Feb. 11 at the ARC. All proceeds are being donated to charity. ASUS President Yara Hussein discussed the relationship between Arts and Science, and how friendly competition created during ASUS Orientation is carried forward throughout the year. 
“Another thing we have seen is a lot of people questioning whether they’re in the ArtSci faculty. [We’re] recognizing there is a weaker sense of identity in what an ArtSci student means. We’re really hoping this game is a starting point to what this faculty means,” Hussein said in an interview with The Journal. 
The sense of rivalry in the faculty tends to disappear in the days and years following faculty orientation for most first year Arts and Science students. Monica Szalajko, ASUS marketing and communications officer, told The Journal they wish to ignite a friendly rivalry.   
“If we are such a big faculty, why aren’t we able to come together later in the year and, throughout our undergrad, to have such a big event? The event stemmed by bringing back that level of passion and commitment everyone has to their faculty,” Szalajko said. 
Hussein said community building and charity work is the biggest goal ASUS is aiming towards with the fundraiser. 
Currently, ASUS council is working to organize this event since it is new and fast-approaching. Hussein said in the future, volunteers will be hired and there will be specific positions such as with ASUS formal and textbook service. 
The basketball game will give students a chance to cheer on students from the same faculty. Szalajko and Hussein said the main difference between games like Tricolour Classic and this upcoming game is the sheer size of the Arts and Science faculty. 
For marketing, Szalajko said measures are being taken to include as many students as possible in the process. She describes jersey design as being the first part of marketing the event. 

“We had a really great response to jersey submissions that already had people talking about [the event]; they’re passionate about it. People took the time out of their day to work on things like that,” Szalajko said. 

There’s also the possibility to do giveaways and having students start conversations about the event on campus. Szalajko said Queen’s office accounts will be utilized to outreach to students. 

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Twelve to fifteen individuals will be directly involved in the basketball teams. This includes the coaching staff and 12 players overall. Szalajko added varsity teams displayed interest in supporting initiatives, despite their current sports seasons. 

Igniting passion and bringing back chants from orientation is something Hussein is extremely excited to see. She’s also excited to see faculty members and students come together. 

“Hopefully this will inspire other forms of community building in our faculty,” Hussein said. 

Up-to-date information on the game can be found on the ASUS website. ASUS will hold a press conference for the game, with the date to be determined in the future.

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