Put yourself in creative spaces


Kingston and Queen’s’ artistic offerings are not what usually meet the eye of typical students, but the community’s vibrancy is impossible to ignore once you become involved.  

The creative spaces offered through extracurriculars on campus foster communities that last a lifetime. These connections often provide a lifeline for those who crave creation alongside their university studies. Unfortunately, with discussions of suspending admission to the Fine Arts program, the limited avenues for creativity at Queen’s are at risk being further reduced.

Our studies are important, but opportunities to come together and make something out of nothing are gratifying and enrich the university experience. Creative spaces open the mind to what lies outside the constructs of academia or career and change the way we approach life. 

Exploring creative avenues adds meaning and purpose to our days, and our sense of fulfillment stretches further when we’re excited about what we’re doing. When we prioritize creative outlets, we’re left with a broadened perspective of what can come out of our experiences. 

Spaces of true creation and art are characterized by their openness, safety to be passionate, and appreciation for those around them. As we grow, we often lose the parts of ourselves that encourage thinking outside the box and instead default to conformity.

Studies show that engaging with your creative side freshens the mind and reduces stress—not to mention the various conversations and encounters along the way. 

With tech advancements threatened to render the creative process obsolete, the pressure to shy away from imaginative expressions is high. However, the pitfalls of appreciating the product and ignoring the process of its creation are real.

Many undergraduate students start late and don’t immerse themselves in creative spaces or see their value until later in their academic careers. The opportunities that I’ve come across by pursuing creativity represent my core in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible before. 

Once you open yourself up to the possibilities of different creative spaces, you’ll never want to leave them or abandon the artistic part of yourself. 

Before you graduate, try it out—be it in the comfort of your own home, at Studio Sundays with ForWorld Collective, or any of the range of opportunities out there. 

The avenues for creative expression are endless, so seek them out. Imagining new ways to stimulate your senses is the only requirement. 

There’s no pressure to create something good, just something that’s yours. 

Rida is a fourth-year politics student and The Journal’s Senior Arts Editor.

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