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It’s 2016 and there’s a ‘New Year, New Me’ mentality floating around campus: The sweatpants have been tucked away, class attendance is up and the sun is shining bright.

With a new year comes fresh fashion trends, and I’m here to give you the fashion forecast on what to wear for the next couple of seasons. 


Many trendy silhouettes seem unattainable. For instance wide-leg pants in five feet of snow, or lace pieces to your 8:30 a.m. However, wearing particular fabrics can give your outfit a punch of style.

Knits are always a winter must-have, but this year layered knits are the way to go. An easy way to wear this is to play with necklines and sleeve lengths on different sweaters. For example, you can pair a scoop neck sweater dress with a turtleneck on top — or underneath if you’re feeling a little wild. 

Suede and velvet are perfect for cold days. They’ll keep you warm and give a unique texture to your outfit. Pair them with thin knit pieces for the day and leather at night.

As the weather heats up, lace will be your go-to for an accent piece. Victorian-inspired lace pieces with high necks and ruffles were all over the Spring 2016 runways, and lace paired with suede and denim epitomizes the 70s style revival coming up this year. 


Florals for spring may not be ground-breaking, but along with the Victorian-inspired pieces comes the infusion of all things romantic, which includes delicate flowers and greenery sprinkled across your spring wardrobe. Look for more abstract designs to keep your look unique.

On the opposite end, stripes are bigger than ever — literally. Bold stripes in an array of colours lined spring runways for both men and women. Pair them with intricate designs, like the aforementioned florals or a paisley, to really stand out, or make a statement by wearing a bold striped dress or button-up shirt with simpler pieces. 


During the winter months you’ll undoubtedly be covering up with a warm jacket, and I’m happy to say that many new jacket styles have come to play along with the layering trend.

First up, the puffer jacket, which pays homage to your middle school Gap days. To avoid looking like the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, opt for a jacket that’s a little big or isn’t completely stuffed with down. Stick with a colour that isn’t too out there, like a forest green or even black, so the coat doesn’t overpower the rest of your outfit. Finally, if the coat isn’t your style, try out a puffer vest instead. You can pull it out on a warmer day and pair it with a fun hat.

The other coat that’s in style is a spin on a classic shape: an oversized wool button-down. Look for ones that reach just above your knee, with shoulders that are slightly too wide. Camel is the jacket colour of the winter season and it’s always a classic piece to have in your wardrobe. 

When you combine all of these styles to create your own, your 2016 will start on a very fashionable note.


Shoes are the easiest way to ‘step-up’ your outfit (pun intended). Especially during the cold months, a unique pair will set you apart from the Blundstone and winter boot herd.

The rise of sneakers has come out of last year’s “athleisure” trend. But this doesn’t include your grandma’s hand-me-downs. Bright sneakers with different textures and embellishments will be everywhere once the ice melts. Check out the classic shoe brands like Nike, Adidas and New Balance for your sneaker inspiration.


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