2023 Kick & Push festival immerses audiences in the story

Finding innovative and interactive theatre productions in Kingston

Image supplied by: Robert Herz
The Kick & Push festival has now run for nine consecutive years.

For the past eight summers the Kick & Push Festival has pushed for innovation in Kingston theatre.

This summer the Kick & Push—an immersive theatre festival—ran from July 22 to Aug. 18 with programming taking place at Springer Market Square, the Tett Centre, Musiikki, and The Grand Theatre.

The Marketing Coordinator for the Kick & Push Festival, Robert Herz, described the festival as a celebration of innovation rather than just another theatre festival. Live immersive performances gave audience members an opportunity to get involved in the storytelling.

According to Herz, the festival aims to push the boundaries of what live performances are by offering compelling narratives that trigger internal reflection for audience members. The immersive experience intends to help audiences feel as though they’re part of the story.

Audience members were brought on stage and had the opportunity to walk around downtown Kingston to explore different venues.

“When you go see a complete show, you’re not just an audience member. […] You’re not just sitting staring at a stage, we really are changing what theatre is,” Herz said in an interview with The Journal.

Next year, the festival will enter its tenth season of programming in Kingston and its importance will remain prominent.

“[The festival] helps establish Kingston as a premier destination for arts programming in Canada. We’re bringing audience members in from cities like Toronto, Ottawa, [and] Montreal. We’re showing them there’s a thriving arts community in Kingston that wants good art, and we’re providing good art,” Herz said.

Storytelling is about building a greater sense of culture and belonging, and the programming provided by the festival will continue to do that, explained Herz.


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