A debut show in Kingston

Montreal band Nancy Pants performs their “dirty pop” tunes

Nancy Pants formed in Montreal.
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Nancy Pants formed in Montreal.

Montreal-based, self-proclaimed “dirty pop” trio Nancy Pants puts their own twist on pop-punk music.

Their debut album, Total Nancy Pants, showcases the bands style of loud, playful and honest pop-punk songs.

Nancy Pants was born when lead vocalist Ohara Hale and bassist Adam Waito were on a road trip to an independent comic book convention.

Both being illustrators, the two had collaborated on previous artistic endeavours and thought that playing music together would be just as fun.

“Adam and I have been collaborating on art stuff for a while — and we’ve had a crazy amount of fun with it,” Hale told the Journal via email. “We thought that since we also did music we should see if it would be just as fun collaborating on that too.”

The band became a trio when Hale and Waito sent some prospective tunes to drummer Jeremy MacCuish.

The trio’s musical collaboration was an instant connection, making playing their music all the more fun and easy.

“One summer evening we met up, played the songs right off the bat as if we had known them forever,” Hale said. “It was a really intuitive musical connection and was so surprisingly easy and free for all of us that it just seemed natural to keep doing it.”

Nancy Pants recorded their first five-song demo on a cellphone and uploaded it to the Internet the next day. Their spontaneous approach to music produced a genuine, light-hearted and upbeat sound.

“We think [spontaneity] is fun — we love that kind of rawness you can hear from a jam,” Hale said.

Having progressed to producing an album with real microphones, Nancy Pants is extremely eager to share their new album.

“[We] didn’t really have a focus except to get what we had so far recorded and out there,” she said.

Nancy Pants believes in approaching music in an honest and free way.

They love that they can do whatever they want with their music to keep them happy and keep their music fun, Hale added.

Because of how much happiness their music brings to them, they’re genuinely excited to share their music.

“There is no shame in sharing your joy,” Hale said.

Hale and Waito have had lots of songwriting experience that has taught them to not overthink their songs too much, because it keeps their sound and lyrics genuine.

“We just sort of vibe out instantly when we jam and work on songs and there isn’t much thinking going on there — just lots of heart,” she said.

Friday is Nancy Pants’ first time playing in Kingston, and they’re ready to have some fun with the new venue.

“I’m stoked to play and I also love, love, love going to places for the first time,” Hale said. “I think it will be a fun show.”

Nancy Pants performs at the Mansion on Friday.


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