A first look at Kingston’s new club: Trinity Social

Brooklyn owners open upscale nightlife destination

Image by: Jenna Zucker

There’s a new club in town. 

Occupying the former Fluid, Trinity Social is looking to fill a gap in the Kingston nightlife industry. Trinity owner John Saris hopes to bring a new clubbing experience to Kingston with a swankier club for students and locals alike. 

“What we’re trying to create here is something a little more sophisticated without being pretentious,” Saris said. “We still want it to be fun, we still want it to be a good time, but we also want it to be a little more sophisticated where people wear nice clothes, wear nice things, dress up a little bit, and not have to worry about them getting wrecked on the dance floor.”

The inside of the space that once encompassed a more EDM vibe, has been flipped to reflect an upscale image. 

Modeled after modern nightclubs, Trinity features a large bar with an imaginative cocktail list, a sizable dance floor, plush seating and a VIP area with premiere bottle service. 

In addition to these high-end features, Trinity distinguishes itself with its musical taste, having solid mix of DJs turning every night. Resident DJ James Allan plays a good mix of rap, hip-hop, trap and everything else in between. In another article with The Journal, Allan explained that at Trinity, he’s given creative freedom with the music he plays. 

Saris is no stranger to the Kingston nightlife scene. He’s currently the owner of the Brooklyn and until recently the Alibi. Trinity Social, as the name suggests was intended to complete the triad. 

While the venue has yet to command an audience in Kingston, it has potential with its cool ambience and energetic music.  


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