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Top songs to celebrate July 1.

Sutherland showing his national pride
Image by: Kailun Zhang
Sutherland showing his national pride.

Canada has produced some of the most iconic musicians, including Neil Young, Stan Rogers, the Guess Who and even Drake.

With the nation’s 148th birthday tomorrow, there’s no better way to celebrate than by blasting some of the best songs from Canada’s long list of talented musicians. Whether you’re out at the lake, up at the cottage or just throwing a good old-fashioned shindig on July 1, a great playlist can make for an even better time.

Here are five excellent tunes from the Great White North to play wherever you are on Canada Day — plus a bonus track for the day after.

“Go for Soda” by Kim Mitchell


Whether it’s with Max Webster or through his solo work, Kim Mitchell is synonymous with long summer weekends and having a good time.

While some prefer the “Patio Lanterns”, there isn’t a better song to kick off your Canada Day celebration with than “Go for Soda”. An all-time party classic, it’s the best of a long line of songs from “The Mitch”.

“Bobcaygeon” by The Tragically Hip


What would any list of Canadian songs be without the Hip? Almost any song by the Kingston natives and Queen’s grads could be on a Canada Day playlist, but there isn’t a better one for summer nights than “Bobcaygeon”.

It’s a great song to relax to at the end of the day. Plus if you happen to find yourselves up in the Kawarthas this Canada Day, there isn’t a more fitting song.

“Kiss Cam” by Arkells


Any song that opens with “This campfire won’t last forever”, then name-checks the Hip in the very next line is definitely a Canadian song. The Hamilton rockers know how to craft catchy songs, and “Kiss Cam” is no exception.

An awesome chorus and killer verses make it a perfect song to sing along with.

“Canadian Girls” by Dean Brody 

The title of this track is pretty self-explanatory. An ode to the girls of the Great White North, the B.C.-born Brody hits on everything that makes Canadian girls unique from any other, whether that be their love for hockey and snowstorms or the fact that they can look sexy in a toque.

Even if you don’t agree with everything stated in the song, there’s no denying it’s a near-perfect slice of Canadiana.

“Stronger Beer” by Tim Hicks

Sure, this song might be built on the stereotypes that separate Canadians from their southern neighbours, but at the same time those stereotypes have an element of truth to them.

This country song boasts a catchy chorus, sharp lyrics and a sing-along vibe that gives you all the reasons you’ll need for boasting about why Canada is such a great country.

“Wasn’t That a Party” by The Irish Rovers

While any of these songs are an awesome addition to your Canada Day mix, there’s only one Canadian song that’s a must-have for the next day.

Don’t let The Irish Rovers’ name fool you. While they hail from the Emerald Isle, the members of the group call Canada their home. Nationality aside, this is a song to play on July 2 while you’re recovering from whatever fun you got up to the night before.

You’ll find a kindred spirit in this song as you both lament and reminisce about the events of last night — or at least those of which you can remember


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