A guide to eating with dietary restrictions in Kingston

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When the Sleepless Goat Café closed last year, gluten-intolerants and vegans lost a staple. It may be rare to find alternative diet options, so we’ve assembled a list of places that cater to a variety of different diets from vegans, vegetarians and the gluten free to seafood lovers and ardent carnivores alike.  

Amadeus Café 

This cozy restaurant serves German and Austrian dishes and has a good selection of draught beers. For vegetarians and vegans alike, I’d recommend the one-of-a-kind tofu schnitzel — made vegan upon request.  

Atomica Pizza & Wine Bar  

This chic Brock Street bistro has a gluten-free and vegan pizza crust and pasta noodles, and all their pizzas can be ordered with soy cheese.                             


A favoured brunch spot that’s nice enough to take your parents 

to, Windmills has a myriad of gluten-free options allowing you to eat most of the menu, including their pizza, brown rice English muffins, tortillas, flax loaf bread, rice noodles, cranberry raisin French toast and a number of desserts. 

Chez Piggy

The go-to bougie restaurant for impressing people or dining with your parents, Chez Piggy offers a copious selection for alternativediners including a grilled vegetable panini which could easily be made vegan by requesting no cheese and a vegan grilled cauliflower ‘steak’. They offer gluten-free toast and any pasta dish can be made gluten-free upon request.  For seafood lovers, Chez Piggy offers dishes made with sustainably-caught, ocean-wise catches, including their oysters. 

Eat Lover 

This small batch bakery makes delicious and entirely vegan treats. They’re famous for their donuts, but their menu is always changing. While they don’t have a physical location, they will deliver straight to your door.

Mango Restaurant 

Mango will provide a vegan menu on request and most of the curries are made with coconut milk. The house pad Thai can easily be made vegetarian or vegan and their coconut lime soup is a personal favourite. 

Famous Kings Restaurant

This simple counter serve offers traditional Lebanese food. Their falafel pita is fully vegan — even with all the toppings — and their fries with vegetable gravy contain no beef flavour and no dairy of any sort.   

Geneva Crepe Café Bistro  

This French style café expands beyond the definition of crepe. They offer a vegan and gluten-free crepe, both savory and sweet, but also many selections for meat and seafood lovers, such as chorizo sausage, pesto chicken and B.C. wild-caught smoked salmon.   

Grecos Wine Bar & Grill 

This casual, long-running traditional Greek restaurant has a fair amount of satisfying and filling vegetarian options, including the veggie kebab, greek salad and dolmadakia. The fettuccine primavera, fettuccine Alfredo, Athenian pizza and spaghetti Greco are all vegetarian.

Queen’s Pub

The on-campus pub favourite isn’t famous for their variety, but the avocado toast is a new innovation and completely vegan. They also label all their foods containing gluten, soy, egg, dairy, etc. 

Score Pizza 

This make-your-own pizza place is new to Kingston, but already well-known for their stone oven pizzas and craft beers on tap. Like Atomica, their crust is vegan and gluten-free and all pizzas can be ordered with soy cheese. 

Sir John A’s Public House 

This pub occupies the former law office of our first prime minister. Vegetarian options include the Portobello mushroom burger, breaded zucchini and deep fried pickles, while vegans can taste the homemade hummus, sweet potato fries, house salad, and — hold onto your kilts — the vegan haggis. 

Smoke’s and Bubba’s Poutinerie

Becoming vegetarian doesn’t mean giving up poutine. however Smokes offers vegetarian gravy and lots of veggie 

toppings to choose from. For vegans, if you ask nicely, Bubba’s can make a vegan version of poutine with their tomato sauce and fries. 


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