A guide to Kingston nightlife

Where to go for dancing, cheap drinks and a good time

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Queen's Pub.

With midterms coming around, we could all use a night out every once in a while in between our studies. Have you ever found yourself sitting with your housemates before a night out, wondering where to go?

Well, we have you covered.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the places in Kingston and when and why they’re the best option for your night on the town.

For a night of dancing

Ale House:

As one of just two of the actual clubs in Kingston, Ale House is perfect for a night of dancing to top-of-the-charts music and running into at least 80 per cent of people you know. There’s a main dance floor, a spacious upstairs and three bars on location. With a guarantee of upbeat music, familiar faces and room to move around, Ale House is the best place to go when you just really want to dance it out.

When to go: Tumbleweed Tuesdays, Kegger Fridays, Saturday Bangerz


As the only other real Kingston club, Stages features a much different vibe than Ale. Playing club/dance-oriented music and being much more conducive to wearing heels and a nice dress, Stages is the place to go when you’re hoping for something more chic than Ale’s chiller vibes. With two bars — one upstairs and one downstairs — bottle service, dancing platforms and a DJ, Stages is always a good place to hit up.

When to go: Beach Slam Mondays, Ladies Night Fridays

The Underground:

Who doesn’t love a club with no cover, a consistent coat check service and where your phone automatically connects to the Queen’s wifi? With $14 bottles of wine — which you can sip from on the dance floor – and presenting all new themed nights this year, The Underground is the perfect place for a chill night of clubbing when you’re hoping not to break the bank and to stay close to campus.

When to go: Wined Up Wednesdays, Bangerz and Mash Fridays (Throwback Thursday once a month)

Drinks with friends


With great drinks, lots of seating, an outdoor patio for warmer weather and occasional live music, Canteen has the perfect vibe for a casual night out with friends. To top it off, they offer a great selection of meals and snacks to help soak up those team pitchers.

When to go: There isn’t a bad night to go to Canteen, but Taco Tuesday means $2 tacos

Queen’s Pub:

Inexpensive drinks, delicious nachos, on-campus location — what more could you want? QP is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and turns 19+ after 8 p.m. Menu items feature your typical pub food, including chicken fingers, burgers and the massive fan favorite: nachos. The drink menu is extensive and priced with students in mind. It’s hard to pass up a pitcher of sangria or an order of mozza sticks after a hard exam or on a night out with friends.

When to go: Bachelor Mondays, QP Trivia on Sundays

The Brooklyn:

The Brooklyn is arguably the most unique bar in Kingston, featuring a menu of mostly craft beers and ciders. While mainly known for their extensive drink list, The Brooklyn also often hosts local musicians and collaborates with various charity groups like Generocksity and Queen’s Helping Haiti. It’s open every day of the week except Monday, and has a good chill vibe that’s perfect for hanging out with your friends. The Brooklyn is most popularly known for hosting Mod Club every Tuesday, where they play what my friend describes as “our parents’ throwback music.”

When to go: Mod Club on Tuesdays, Karaoke on Wednesdays, Trivia on Sundays

Even though Kingston is a small town, there are many options for a fun night out — just be prepared to run into every single person you have ever met.


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