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It may only be Week 3 but odds are you’re already getting sick of cooking for yourself or waiting in the never-ending lines at the caf. But did you know Kingston actually has one of the highest restaurant-per-capita rates of any city in Canada?

Everyone gets those 10pm greasy food cravings every now and then – and who wants to walk all the way downtown? Why not check out the best of what Kingston’s restaurant scene has to offer without leaving the comfort of your house or residence.


With over 30 restaurants listed for the Kingston area, Justeat definitely has the most options available compared to other online delivery services. Options include anything from pizza, pasta, sushi and more. The website allows customers to order off the restaurants’ comprehensive online menus and then pay either online or with cash – and the food will be right at your door in a jiffy.

Justeat is a great resource because it provides delivery options for restaurants that wouldn’t typically deliver otherwise and can be done completely online.

Justeat is also an international company that isn’t limited to Kingston but offers its services coast-to-coast across Canada. Next time you’re hungry and don’t feel like trekking to the Hub for food, flip open your laptop and search through the seemingly infinite restaurant options and await the meal of your choice at your door. Delivery fees are never more than $3, and if you spend more than $15 at most places the delivery is free.

Princess Delivery

Princess Delivery is another great option for ordering from places that have no traditional delivery option. The difference between the two services is that Princess Delivery orders are taken through text while the Justeat service is ordered on the computer.

When you’re walking back from Stauffer after a study session and your laptop is tucked away in the bottom of your backpack, just order takeout directly from the restaurant of your choice and text Princess Delivery to go get it for you. They’ll arrange to pick it up and pay the restaurant on your behalf. You then pay them back for the food when they deliver it right to your door. Fees for delivery are usually between $4 and $6, but it’s a small price to pay to be able to text someone for Menchies and have it arrive at your door 15 minutes later.

Ordering food without communicating with another human is the future, no? Other great choices are McDonalds, The Works and Dairy Queen – all places that don’t offer a delivery service. The Princess Delivery service is also not limited to food orders and will deliver from retail, technology and even furniture stores. If you need anything as random as a printer cartridge but don’t want to walk all the way to Staples, just hit up Princess Delivery and they’ll have it to you in a flash.

Trip Advisor & Zomato

While these aren’t delivery services, they’re a great way to find out about Kingston’s best restaurants, bars and cafés to eat at or order from. They even have filters to refine your searches according to which places offer takeout, delivery, live music and outdoor patios. You can also refine your searches according to the type of cuisine you’re craving then find out which has the best ratings and go from there. Don’t get hung up on your usual restaurants and explore what else Kingston has to offer with these websites so you can try new things from the comfort of your couch.

Next time you’re in bed struggling to get up and feed yourself, remember that thanks to modern technology you can have anything you want delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less.


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