A night in Las Vegas

This year’s Sci Formal brought the glitz and glamour, living up to its reputation as one of Queens’ most sought after events.

With Las Vegas-themed decorations, a chocolate fountain, an assortment of live music and hundreds of glamorously adorned students, it’s clear why the formal is considered one of the top 10 formal events in North America.

This event, which has been ongoing since 1903, is open mostly to those in their final years of undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

As a fifth-year Arts student, I had experienced pangs of jealousy last year when many of my Engineering friends dressed up, wined and dined and danced the night away at their Sci Formal.

When my chance came to attend the annual event, I was thrilled to see what the hype was all about and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

It quickly became clear to me why each guest had to put in 40 hours of work (15 hours with a guest ticket) into constructing the event.

What stole the show was what the formal is most famous for – the décor.

The classrooms of Kingston Hall had been completely transformed from their drab, white-bricked normalcy into a Vegas fantasyland, transporting each guest into a vastly different world with each step into a new room.

Grant Hall itself included a stage in the shape of a ship, with multiple platforms and a masthead carrying a Sci ’13 flag.

“It’s one of the best Sci Formal structure designs I’ve seen so far,” said Rector Nick Francis, ArtSci’13, who has been to open houses for past Sci Formals.

The variety of musical acts on display was also impressive, with Queen’s Musical Theatre and bands Nightbox and Mountain City taking the main stage in Grant Hall over the course of the night to provide enjoyable tunes to all.


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