A Valentine’s date with Kiss the Fish

Clark house band shares their favourite tips for romance

Image by: Amelia Rankine
Kiss the Fish performing at The Journal offices.

Clark house band Kiss The Fish, made up of lead singer Sam Skolrood, lead guitarist Evan Khodeir, rhythm guitarist Cory Scholtz, drummer Misko McGregor, and bassist Kelby Gutz, sat down with The Journal to show us their latest songs, and share their favourite first date spots.


Q: Coffee or tea?

Sam Skolrood: Tea. What time of day is it? Tea, probably.


Cats or dogs?

Skolrood: Dogs, obviously.


Q: Is there anyone for cats? 

Skolrood; No. Cats are bullshit animals.


Q: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Skolrood: Flight.

Evan Khodeir: I’d go invisible.

Misko McGregor: Play the guitar [laughter], or sing.

Skolrood: Yeah, play the guitar or sing, those are super powers.  

McGregor: Yeah, they really are.


Q: If you could be any other member in the band, who would you be?

Skolrood: Kelby.

Kelby Gutz: Misko.

McGregor: No Evan.

Khodeir: Misko.

Skolrood: I’d be Evan, he’s handsome.


Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Skolrood: I want to be a graduate.


Q: Where are you guys from?

McGregor: Ottawa, kind of. I’m from two hours north of Ottawa. 

That’s not Ottawa.

McGregor: It’s pretty close.


Q: Two hours is not close.

Skolrood: Yeah, put him in his f—king place, honestly.

McGregor: It’s called Matawaki.

Skolrood: I’m from Vancouver.


Q: What is your favourite food? 

Skolrood: Evan doesn’t eat food.

Khodeir: Yeah, got to stay away from that stuff, trying to quit.

Skolrood: That’s funny, well done.


Q: Who are your role models? 

Skolrood: My mom. Cheers mom. .


Q: What are you looking for in a date? 

Gutz: True love of course.

Skolrood: Something to fill the enormous void in my heart.

McGregor: I don’t know, a good time, hopefully. Someone who doesn’t hate me.


Q: Would you ask your date to go for coffee or for beer?

Skolrood: Depends. It depends on the girl.


Q: Where is the best place in Kingston to take a date?

Skolrood: Ale house? Promotion. We don’t work there.

Cory Scholtz: I work at [Chez Piggy]. It’s a pretty good spot.


Q: Do you get a discount?

Scholtz: Yeah.


Is that okay to take your date somewhere you get a discount?

Scholtz: Oh yeah. It’s a power move.


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