All fees pass in fall referendum

Most items put to student vote pass with a clear lead

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All fees on the ballot of the AMS’s fall referendum passed with 22 per cent of Queen’s undergraduate students participating in the online vote, the AMS announced on Thursday.

Most resolutions passed with a clear verdict, though some came down to the wire.

The closest results came for the Queen’s Concrete Canoe Team, whose proposed $0.10 increase to their op-out fee garnered a 50.7 per cent response in favour and 49.3 per cent opposed.

Also coming in close was the Queen’s International Affairs Association’s proposed $1.95 opt-out fee, which increased their existing $0.80 fee by $1.15 and passed with a 51.6 per cent yes vote.

Clearer wins came for Good Times Diner, Loving Spoonful, Room to Read, and the Queen’s First Aid Campus Response Team.

Most notably, the Campus Response Team garnered clear support, with 86.3 per cent of students voting yes. 


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