All the right moves

Varsity athletes share their signature plays

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Taylor Herrington, ArtSci ‘17

Women’s Field Hockey

Position: Team Captain, forward

Team Nickname: Tay

What is one thing you cannot play without?

My hair always has to be back in three braids: one on each side coming together as one braid at the back.

What is your “signature move” and how would you describe it?

My signature move would have to be a toe drag.  You basically just flip your hand around and pull the ball back, and then move forward with the ball in a quick motion — change of pace is key.

Robyn Pearson, Comm ‘16

Women’s Basketball

Position: Post

Team Nickname: Rob, Robbie, Smooth Rob

What are your game day rituals, or do you have any lucky charms?

Game day rituals are pretty standard. Same food pre-game, some dope pasta likely. Other than that I listen to ‘Joker and the Thief’ by Wolfmother before every game and wear the same socks, spandex and sports bra — which I guess answers the lucky charm wearing question.

What is your “signature move”, and how would you describe it?

My signature move is probably the right hand hook, from anywhere on the floor. Two dribbles left, spin back right to the right jump hook, or the same thing two dribbles right, to right hook. Works most of the time.


Thomas Ellison, PhysEd ‘17

Men’s Volleyball

Position: Setter

Team Nickname: Tony

Do you have a funny memory from a team road trip?

When the team went to Nova Scotia we visited Peggy’s Cove. One guy on our team lost his footing and fell into the ocean fully clothed.

What is your “signature move”, and how would you describe it?

My signature move is going up for a block. The hitter hits it into my hands and it bounces on the other side of the net. I like to stare down the guy who hit the ball I blocked after.


Douglas Scully, ArtSci ‘17

Men’s Rugby

Position: Wing

Team Nickname: Scully

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

I’m kind of playing catch up on Netflix. I’m finally getting around to watching House of Cards.

How do you celebrate a win?

We celebrate a win as a team, starting with a “beer-up” where we congratulate our opponent on a hard fought game, and then hit the bars for some more beers later that night.

What is your “signature move”, and how would you describe it?

My signature move is a tough question. Individually we have guys on our team like Kai Lloyd and Will McArthur that can step their way through the other team’s defense. But my contribution to the team is a product of our team’s offensive system.

As a winger I get the ball with the expectation that I score.  I often use a fend which basically means I use one arm fully extended to push other players out of the way.

Sukhpreet Singh, ArtSci ‘16

Men’s Basketball

Position: Shootingguard

Team Nickname: Sukh

If you could spend the day with a professional athlete who would it be, and what would you do?

If I had to pick one famous athlete to hang out with, it’d probably be Kobe Bryant. It’d be interesting to just have a conversation with him to pick at his brain about everything basketball. To understand where his desire, his motivation, and his work ethic come from would be unreal. It’d also be interesting to see where he’s at now with his retirement considering this may be my last year of playing competitive basketball.

What is your “signature move”, and how would you describe it?

I’d want to say a right-to-left-hand crossover, but I’ll never hear the end of it if my teammates and coaches read this. 

I’d have to say shot-fake into a right-low rip and drive. I feel my ability to get into the lane is superior to my shooting ability, so that’s what I use to give myself the best opportunity to do so. 


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