AMS announces executive appointment process

On Jan. 31, the AMS announced the process by which they’ll be appointing a new executive at a Feb. 1 special meeting of Assembly.

Teams who have been deemed eligible for appointing will introduce themselves in a 10 minute opening presentation to Assembly on Thursday. Following this, the teams will participate in an hour and a half debate moderated by the AMS Secretary Neil Sengupta. Questions must be directed to all teams and can be submitted to Sengupta in person or via social media.

Following this, if there are more than five teams being considered, the Assembly can vote to remove a team from further consideration. This would require a two-thirds majority vote. Otherwise, candidates will then answer questions specific to their team and platform while opposing teams wait in another room.

Each team will be allowed to make a closing statement after the questioning period and Assembly will then have an open session discussion about the teams.

If there’s one team seeking appointment, Assembly will conduct a vote of confidence, requiring a two-thirds majority to pass. If there are two or more teams, Assembly will fill out a ranked ballot to determine the 2018-19 executive.

If no team is selected through this process, these steps will be repeated to determine individuals to fill each executive position rather than a cohesive team.

The Feb. 1 special meeting of Assembly will be held at 7:30 p.m. in Wallace Hall and is open to all students.



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