AMS appoints new TAPS head manager following training week incident

Former head manager’s role to be filled by Director of Hospitality and Safety Services

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A training week gone wrong left the AMS searching for a new TAPS head manager

After this year’s TAPS training week took a turn for the worse, the pub service’s head manager exited her position, and the AMS was left with the task of finding a suitable replacement.

On Monday, the AMS Executive told The Journal that Brandon Kim, ArtSci ’16, (pictured below) will be leaving his post as the AMS Director of Hospitality and Safety Services to assume the role of TAPS Head Manager.

According to Vice President (Operations) Dave Walker, Kim’s experience in the AMS has included oversight of Common Ground, TAPS, and the Student Constables in his current position.

“He really has a vested interest in the betterment of the entirety of the AMS and he knows the intricacies within the services,” Walker said.

When asked whether any current or previous TAPS staff members or managers had been asked first to fill the position, Walker replied that, “our conversations were kept fairly internally, and it was our hope from the beginning that Brandon would accept this position.”

Kim’s role as Director of Hospitality and Safety Services will not be re-filled with a new applicant, instead it will be split between Walker and a member of the AMS permanent staff, Retail Operations Officer John McDiarmid.

According to Walker, McDiarmid will work most closely with TAPS and Common Ground, since his background is in the hospitality industry.

Walker will work directly with Student Constables, and when it comes to “larger decisions” such as deciding manager-on-duty hours, Walker will direct all three services.

When asked whether Kim would continue to be paid his salary as AMS Hospitality and Safety Director or if he would instead receive a TAPS head manager salary, Walker responded that it’s AMS policy not to discuss salary publicly.

The AMS salary for Kim’s previous role was $26,000, while the TAPS head manager salary is $24,000.

“I think we’ve all realized that this past month has not been easy for students, alumni, TAPS staff, TAPS managers, and the AMS as a whole,” Walker said.

“We’re all trying to work together as a collective and take a community-wide approach to bettering this service as well as the entirety of the AMS.”


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