AMS approves Student Life Centre

Last Thursday at AMS Assembly, a management agreement for the newly acquired Student Life Centre (SLC) was approved. The SLC will include the JDUC, the Grey House, MacGillivray-Brown Hall and the Queen’s Centre, minus the Athletics and Recreation Complex.

“What we said to assembly is that this is sort of the culmination of 22 years worth of work at the AMS,” AMS Vice-President (Operations) Ben Hartley said.

“The AMS Assembly approved the management agreement, as well as the constitution, however it will have to go through [other governing] bodies,” he said, adding that the Board of Trustees still need to approve the motion before it can become official. This issue will be brought up for discussion at the Mar. 4 meeting. Hartley said the AMS has been working towards the budget for the SLC, developing its organizational structures, updating new management positions and revising a new JDUC constitution.

Currently the AMS has updated job descriptions of the SLC Officer (SCO) and developed new job descriptions for three new assistant manager positions (operations, programming and a faculty societies assistant manager). The AMS also hopes to hire a permanent full-time staff, who will directly report to the SCO. “It’s not quite a service, it’s not quite an agency,” Hartley said. “The best way to describe it is that it’s a service for all services, faculty societies and clubs.”

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