AMS Assembly, February 3rd 2011

by Katherine Fernandez-Blance, Assistant News Editor

Assembly in brief:

1. Victoria Pleavin (EngSoc President) became emotional when she said that the AMS doesn’t care about Engineers. This is set to be resolved at a later date.

2. Robert Lee was absent…the mood was a little more somber.

3. Assembly members are SO much better with saying their titles before speaking today…only took a semester and a half?

4. Nominations for the Special Committee on External Aligned Membership took place. (This is to do with OUSA.) At least 7 people ‘respectfully declined’ before Jesse Wasloski (ASUS rep to the AMS) and Eril Berkok (Compsa President) accepted the roles.

5. Doug Johnson (ASUS VP) got called out for wearing white socks with a suit…he justified it by saying it was laundry day.

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