AMS Commissioner of Internal Affairs dissolved, Peer Support Centre and AGC amalgamated

AMS Assembly Jan. 28 recap

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AMS Assembly has voted to restructure, and essentially dissolve, the AMS Commission of Internal Affairs in favour of an AMS Secretariat.

The motion was passed at the Jan. 28 session of assembly. The AMS also passed motions to amalgamate the Peer Support Centre and Academic Grievance Centre, and reported the finalization of the fall reading week proposal. All other motions, including one to amalgamate presented at the AMS assembly passed. The agenda can be read here.

Peer Support Centre and Academic Grievance Centre to be amalgamated

Members of AMS Assembly passed a motion to amalgamate the Peer Support Centre (PSC) and Academic Grievance Centre (AGC). According to the documents submitted to AMS Assembly, the number of visitors to the PSC has increased from 100 visitors in 2012 to 250 in 2015.

The proposal states that while both services provide support for students in a number of ways, the two often cross paths when dealing with students’ academic stress. It also stated that 52 per cent of visits to the PSC have been related to academic stress “in the last few years”, which staff at the AGC may be better trained to handle.

The proposal, which was passed, mandates that PSC volunteers receive training in academic policy to offer the support the AGC currently offers, while taking the current Academic Grievance Centre’s space during peak hours at the PSC to limit wait times and improve accessibility.

CIA Restructuring approved

AMS assembly passed motions 6 through 8, which restructured and dissolved the Commission of Internal Affairs (CIA). The CIA and Commissioner of Internal Affairs will be replaced by the AMS Secretariat and AMS Secretary.

Motion #6 approved changes to Policy Manual 1 detailing how the AMS Secretary and AMS Secretariat will replace the CIA/Commissioner in its role and responsibilities. The specific roles outlined in Policy Manual 1 include their role in preparation for assembly, role in substantive motions, role in nominating members of the assembly to committees, role in deciding student activity fee eligibility and triennial review and their role in dealing with conflict of interests.

Motion #7, which was also approved, mandated the formation of an AMS Clubs Office and new rules governing its role and responsibilities. Because the AMS Clubs Office had previously reported to Commissioner of Internal Affairs, the AMS Clubs Office will now report to the Vice President (University Affairs).

Motion #8 adds the AMS Secretariat and Secretary to the AMS constitution and removes mention of the CIA and its Commissioner.

Fall Reading Week proposal finalized

In Vice President (University Affairs) Sarah Letersky’s report, she stated that the Senate Committee on Academic Procedures (SCAP) had finalized its Fall Reading Week proposal. The new proposal consists of the following changes:

  • A four day break following the Thanksgiving Monday
  • A shortened Orientation Week
    • Move-in day Saturday
    • Orientation Sunday-Tuesday
    • Class Wednesday-Friday
    • Orientation Saturday-Sunday
    • Four pre-exam study days, except in 2020 and 2021, where there will be two days and one day respectively.

The new proposal will be presented at the February meeting of Senate and will seek final approval at April Senate.

All other motions were passed:

  • Motion #3 – “That AMS Assembly nominate two voting members of Assembly to sit on the Robert Sutherland Prize committee”
  • Motion #4 – “That AMS Assembly approve the changes to Policy Manual 2, as seen in Appendix: Amalgamation”
  • Motion #5 – “That AMS Assembly approve the changes to Policy Manual 2, Section 8, as seen in Appendix: Sailing the Seven CEAs.”
  • Motion #6 – “That AMS Assembly approve the changes to Policy Manual 1, as seen in Appendix: CIAo CIA!”
  • Motion #7 – “That AMS Assembly approve the changes to Policy Manual 2, as seen in Appendix: CIAo CIA!”
  • Motion #8 – “That AMS Assembly adopt the first reading of the changes to the AMS Constitution, as seen in Appendix: CIAo CIA!”


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