AMS discuss JDUC architectural study and long-term options

Avenues for increased study space and club meeting areas to be explored

Image supplied by: Supplied by AMS Communications
An artist conceptual of the last completed construction project in the JDUC

On Feb. 2, a blog post from AMS Marketing and Communications announced that the surplus from the $1.2-million JDUC revitalization project will be invested into an architectural study of the JDUC to explore options for long-term planning. 

Avenues being explored in the study include the addition of more study and social spaces, club meeting rooms and offices “equipped with the latest technology” and electronic outlets, as well as spaces to eat and socialize. 

Options for new business spaces, available to outlets like Grocery Checkout, Luce Hair Salon and the Campus Dentist are also listed, along with rebuilding AMS Services like The Brew, Tricolour Outlet and the Publishing and Copy Centre. 

Funds may be used to improve the overall accessibility of the building, to comply fully with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, or to improve the aesthetics of the building and bring in “more natural lighting.”

Over the upcoming months, the AMS will continue to investigate possibilities in partnership with the University.

Suggestions for the future of the JDUC are invited to be sent to



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