AMS Head Managers hired

JBP’s eight picks announced on Monday

On March 6, the AMS announced hiring for their eight head manager positions for 2017-18.

The hiring panel consisted of Vice-President (Operations) elect Brian MacKay, incoming Director of Retail Services Monica Przyborowski, incoming Director of Media Services Chelsea Hollidge and incoming Director of Hospitality and Safety Services Stephanie Nijhuis.

Bikes and Boards: Megan Vahabi, ConEd ’18

Common Ground Coffeehouse: Julie Kennedy, ArtSci ’17

Publishing and Copy Centre: Samantha Lall,  ArtSci ’19

Queen’s Student Constables: Jesse Bell, ConEd ’17

Studio Q: Darrean Baga, ArtSci ’17

The AMS Pub Services (TAPS): Laura Khalil, ArtSci ’18

Tricolour Outlet: Emily Vanderheyden, ArtSci ’18

Walkhome: Shannon Crooks, ArtSci ’17

Incoming Assistant and Government Managers are set to be be announced next week.


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