AMS manager resigns

Bergeron departs for Professional Engineers position

Following Annette Bergeron’s departure
Image by: Tiffany Lam
Following Annette Bergeron’s departure

After three and a half years of service, the AMS General Manager Annette Bergeron has resigned from the position.

Bergeron was recently elected as president of Professional Engineers Ontario and told the current executives that it was in the AMS’ best interest that she step down.

“There have definitely been resignations before,” Tristan Lee, vice-president of operations, said. “The last time this happened what when Annette was hired. Our last General Manager, Claude Sherren, resigned three and a half years ago.”

The Board of Directors oversees the recruitment process as they instruct the AMS on their budget for hiring.

“It will be a relatively expensive recruitment process,” Lee, ArtSci ’12, said. “Last time this happened, [the Board] spent somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 on advertising.”

The AMS will advertise nationally for the position by taking out ads in national newspapers, he said.

They plan to have someone hired before the end of April, Lee said, adding that the current AMS executive doesn’t want to pass this task onto the incoming executive.

“We’re looking at it like there is no possible option but to find someone in that amount of time,” he said. “If we interview a pool of people and there is no suitable candidate, we will have to pass it on to the incoming team.”

The General Manager provides operational and financial guidance to the AMS offices and their services. Lee believes that it’s better that the current staff handles hiring because they would need less guidance than the incoming staff.

“The General Manager is supposed to be a resource to everyone around the AMS office,” Lee said. “We are lucky if we find someone as good as Annette was.” Lee believes she was valuable to the AMS because of her Queen’s community experience. She was the director of first-year studies in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, co-director of the Shad International’s Queen’s Chapter and taught in the Commerce and Engineering faculties.

“Annette had a broad experience base, which I think it is important for this position.”



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