AMS president talks year-end accomplishments

AMS annual general assembly ratifies six candidates for Rector

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President Kasim expressed gratitude to AMS staff.

The AMS annual general assembly took place Mar. 10 via Teams.

President’s report

During AMS President Zaid Kasim’s report, he applauded the student body for pushing through the pandemic and the gradual transition back to in-person learning. Kasim described this year as one filled with “learning” and “growth.” 

“Much of the work that our teams have accomplished will continue to enhance the overall student experience at Queen’s beyond our term,” Kasim said. 

“After a year of remote learning, one of our biggest highlights this year was the return to campus and in-person learning—I would like to applaud the perseverance and adaptability of our students and student leaders throughout the pandemic and transition back to campus.”

Kasim noted the success in passing three new student fees advocated for by the Social Issues Commission (SIC), four new AMS equity awards, and the creation of a part-time Indigenous Initiatives coordinator. 

He also expressed his gratitude to his team and gave a concluding message to the next AMS executives. 

“Each of you have stepped up during uncertain and challenging times,” he said. “You’ll be thrown into a race of hurdles in the upcoming year […] You’re in this role for a reason, we expect great things from you.” 

Other reports 

Kate Burke Pellizzari, AMS judicial affairs manager, delivered an end-of-year report on the state of the non-academic misconduct system (NAM) within the AMS, as well as a general overview on the case statistics for the year. 

The Judicial Affairs Office (JAO) is a branch of the Internal Affairs office within the AMS. 

According to Pellizzari’s report, during the pandemic, the JAO worked in conjunction with the Student Conduct Office to facilitate cases of COVID-19 protocol infringement. She added most cases were violations of public health guidelines. 

Assembly also saw the introduction of the Norma, Ian, and Lorna Rogers Scholarship Committee, which asks for the nomination of four Assembly members. 

The AMS ratified a total of six rector candidates at assembly—Caitlin Sankaran-Wee, ArtSci ‘24, Leo Yang, ArtSci ‘25, Sahiba Gulati, ArtSci ‘23, William Bruce-Robertson, ArtSci ‘25, Emils Matiss, MA ‘22, and Owen Crawford-Lem, ArtSci ‘23. 

Each candidate was given an allotted five minutes to deliver a speech, followed by three audience questions. Kasim urged the student body to read the candidates’ profiles. 


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