AMS sees five resignations from managerial or higher level this year

AMS remains operational, executive to provide experiential learning opportunities for staff

The AMS offices in the JDUC.

In light of five resignations from managerial and higher-level AMS employees, Team JCP maintains the society will continue to operate as usual. However, this trend isn’t new to the AMS, which has seen multiple resignations every year since 2015.

During the 2015-16 school year, four salaried AMS staff members resigned. Last year, three salaried staff members left their positions. The TAPS Head Manager also left her position following an incident of hazing during staff training, though The Journal reported it was unclear at the time whether she was “terminated or forced to step down from administrative pressure to react to the incident.”

The string of this year’s resignations began early in the summer with the resignation of former Talent Acquisitions Manager Delyth Phan and former Director of Clubs Emmy Vassos, who both resigned in July. 

These were followed by elected Vice President (Operations) Brian McKay tendering his resignation in August. 

Last month, TAPS Marketing Manager Marshall McCann left his position on September 18 and most recently, P&CC Head Manager Samantha Lall resigned on September 29. This has marked the second year in a row where the Head Manager of the P&CC has left. 

AMS executive Team JCP addressed the numerous resignations in an email to The Journal

“These jobs are rewarding, but they can also be very demanding. It is always unhappy to see our peers move on from the AMS, but it’s a fact of life that sometimes other priorities and opportunities take precedent in their lives,” the team wrote.

The Executive also stated that the services have continued to operate smoothly and uninterrupted despite employee turnover. So far, vacant managerial roles have been filled and the team “will continue to do so if needed.” 

According to a 2015 Journal article, the 2015-16 AMS Executive intended to “review the roles and responsibilities of its salaried positions” as a result of the many resignations that year. 

When asked if there is anything that could be done to alleviate chances of possible future resignations, the current AMS Executive wrote that they can’t account for any future resignations that may or may not occur.

“The simple fact is that sometimes life gets in the way, and there is no accounting for those surprises,” they wrote.

Team JCP noted that they’ll focus on providing quality experiential learning opportunities for students employed with the AMS for as long as they are working there. 

“We [the AMS] do our best to accommodate everyone’s personal, academic, and professional challenges. We must also recognize that sometimes it’s not the right time for someone to be working in the AMS.” 


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