AMS to review management structure following sixth resignation this year

Two corporate manager roles are now unfilled

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Last Updated: 7:20 PM December 8

In a news release on Dec 8., the AMS announced that Monica Przyborowski vacated her position as Director of Retail Services. This marks the sixth resignation from managerial and higher-level AMS employees this academic year.

As The Journal reported in October, this trend isn’t new to the AMS, as they’ve seen multiple resignations every year since 2015. Przyborowski’s leave this year marks the second vacancy of three corporate service directors in the AMS. On Aug. 28, Chelsea Hollidge left her position as the Director of Media Services to become the Vice President (Operations).

The AMS Executive acknowledged this problem in their statement, noting although they understand “it’s difficult to balance the pressures of school and personal matters with full time employment,” they must address the two unfilled roles.

“The structure of corporate management within the AMS is under review by the Executive and the Board of Directors to ensure that we are meeting student needs effectively,” the AMS Executive wrote. “The services of the AMS will continue uninterrupted for both students-at-large and our staff while this is underway.”

This isn’t the first time a review of corporate management has been suggested. According to a 2015 Journal article, the 2015-16 AMS Executive intended to “review the roles and responsibilities of its salaried positions” as a result of the many resignations that year.

The Journal will update this story as more information becomes available.


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