Art fundraiser returns

Cezanne’s Closet returns for another year of art awareness

Cezanne’s Closet is an art gala that will be held at Ban Righ Hall next weekend in order to raise awareness about art and fundraise for the Union Gallery.

The gala — organized by the Union Gallery — began in 1994 and has had consistent intentions since then: to draw attention to student art, and raise money so that the gallery remains functioning, said Francesca Pang, co-chair of Cezanne’s Closet and Union Gallery Treasures.

“The main purpose of Cezanne’s Closet is to fundraise for the Union Gallery to operate and reach out to connect the community that shares a love for art,” said Pang, BFA ’15, to the Journal via email.

Tickets for the event are $150 for two people, and allows the holder to bring home an artwork of their choice. The artworks being sold are created by both Queen’s students and Kingston residents, so it’s fundraising for a local cause.

To plan this traditional event, extensive organization on the part of both the Union Gallery and the Cezanne’s Closet committee was required.

“My committee and I organized the collection of artwork, ticket sales, promotional activities, entertainment, and volunteer coordination,” Pang said. “Many great volunteer opportunities arise for students on campus of all disciplines to directly observe, participate, and contribute to a gallery event.” Such hands-on experience in a gallery event is unique, Pang added, and hopefully it shows that gallery events are more accessible than originally thought.

Not only is the night filled with fun, but both artists and the gallery have something valuable to gain from Cezanne’s Closet, she said.

“Both the artist and gallery benefit from Cezanne’s Closet,” Pang said. “The artist is able to support the gallery through their donation and gain more exposure for their work, and the gallery is able to use the funds raised to support exhibition and outreach operating costs.”

Pang added that student rush tickets are available closer to the event, for $20 each.

In hosting this gala, Union Gallery provides opportunities for residents of the community and Queen’s to bond over art — and it’s all for a good cause.

“We’ve come together to organize an evening that brings the community together to celebrate art and the campus gallery,” Pang said.

Cezanne’s Closet takes place Saturday, Feb. 7 in Ban Righ Hall at 7 p.m.


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