Assembly votes on Isabel space grant and OUSA renewal

Mar. 29 AMS Assembly recap

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Before proposed changes to the Student Activity Fee Policy triggered a period of pointed questioning directed at Team LWT, this year’s final AMS Assembly approved structural changes to Non-Academic Misconduct policy and agreed to renew the University’s membership with Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA).

Changes to Policy Manual Four

Assembly approved various proposed changes and restructuring to AMS Judicial Policy and Procedures, formerly known as Non-Academic Misconduct Rules and Regulations.

According to Judicial Affairs Manager Ryan Pistorius, the changes reflect a complete reorganization of the policy, making it easier to navigate.

The new Policy Infringement Protocol (PIP) clarifies where the AMS’ jurisdiction extends in discipline scenarios that pertain to AMS policy, rather than the Student Code of Conduct, especially considering the still relatively-new control of the University over certain student disciplinary cases. 

The changes also explicitly outline a procedure for addressing conflicts of interest, pending further work next year, which didn’t exist before. 

The motion passed with no debate.

OUSA Membership Renewal

According to AMS President Tyler Lively, the AMS put special consideration into reviewing their membership with OUSA this year after concerns were raised about the union’s governance.

After weighing the “costs and benefits” of the membership, and noting that OUSA has introduced their own governance review to answer student concerns, the AMS decided to advocate for the renewal of the membership.

Several members of assembly spoke to emphasize the importance of the membership, and with that, the motion passed. The membership will last three years, to be renewed again in 2019-20.

MyIsabel Grant

Campus Activities Commissioner, Greg Kurcin, put forth a motion to create the MyIsabel Grant, which, according to his proposal, strives to “provide groups on campus the chance to use the facilities at the Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts (IBCPA) at an affordable cost.”

The grant will provide the chosen groups with two usages of the lobby, and two usages of the concert hall per academic term for a four-hour call free of charge. 

The motion passed unanimously.


Engineering Society President Taylor Sawadsky read out a letter from Sci ’18 Representative Ryan Cattryesse reprimanding the AMS council and faculty society presidents for repeatedly failing to submit reports for AMS Assembly.

The letter reminded student representatives that their salaries were paid by student fees, and that it was unacceptable to shirk their responsibilities to student constituents. In place of submitting a written report, student leaders often stand and administer an oral report on the spot at Assembly.

According to Cattryesse’s letter, 10 student leaders failed to submit reports for this Assembly, and their “only penalty was to stand and speak.”

Out of tens of elected representatives, Nursing Science Society President Alexandra Palmeri was revealed as the only person to have submitted reports and been in attendance for each Assembly. 

Cattryesse concluded his letter by challenging the incoming AMS executive team to ensure these metrics improve next year. 

In her report, Vice-President (University Affairs) Carolyn Thompson explained she will be composing a long term guiding document to pass on to future executives on developments made with the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response working group.

Thompson also noted that the Mayor of Kingston will be undertaking a feasibility study of rental licensing in Kingston. The incoming Commissioner of Municipal Affairs Stefano Hollands and incoming Vice-President (University Affairs) Palmer Lockridge will be included in these conversations, Thompson stated.

Secretariat Miguel Martinez wrote in his report that the Secretariat will, from now on, report to the AMS President. Since the dissolution of the Commission of Internal Affairs, the Secretariat has been reporting to the Vice-President (University Affairs).


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