Blackout stalls campus

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Classes and workshops on campus were cancelled yesterday after widespread power outages affected buildings throughout the day.

Buildings on west campus, including Duncan McArthur Hall, Jean Royce Hall and the education library, lost power shortly after 8 a.m. Power was restored before noon but classes remained cancelled.

Cory Laverty, head of the education library, said the inclement weather disrupted Federation Day workshops for fifth-year Concurrent Education students. Many visitors leading the workshops cancelled in the morning, Laverty said, adding that a few workshops continued without power.

“Even though we have limited lighting, we do have skylights that gave people enough light to work by,” Laverty said. “We didn’t have internet connection or power, but a lot of people have laptops and they were using them anyway.”

She said the library remained open throughout most of the outage.

Henry Wang, ArtSci ’15, said some Engineering classes were cancelled today due to the weather.

“It wasn’t good. As soon as you walked outside this morning, you could see the freezing rain,” he said. “The blades of grass were all icicles.”

Power outages occurred across campus for the rest of the day. The City of Kingston attributed this to a number of trees falling on power lines in the campus area.

Leonard Hall cafeteria was closed and signs posted on the doors directed students to the Queen’s Centre, Lazy Scholar and Ban Righ cafeteria for food.

Reghan Walsh, Nurs ’15, lives in Leonard Hall and said she was annoyed that students would have to walk to Ban Righ to get dinner.

“Ban Righ is always so crowded , you always have to wait an hour to get food and it’s going to be even busier now,” she said.

Walsh added that Nursing classes weren’t cancelled today even though the power was going on and off in Jeffrey Hall.

“We had to use our cellphones as light to use the bathroom,” she said.

Paul Rudling, Sci ’15, said he saw a tree branch outside Leonard Hall cafeteria fall on a student.

“It knocked his glasses right off,” he said. “He got right back up again.” Rudling, who lives in Morris Hall, said the student didn’t appear to be injured by the branch.

The La Salle Building was closed all day and Health, Counselling and Disability service appointments will be rescheduled.

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