Board of Directors Meeting, February 10 2011

by Katherine Fernandez-Blance, Assistant News Editor

Meeting in brief:

1. Some form of caramel/brownie cheesecake (courtesy of CoGro) was brought, and members of Board swarmed excitedly. Safiah delegated the slicing of the cake, and 30 minutes later Board began!

2. There was an emergency meeting of the Academic Planning Task Force earlier in the week. Details were not given.

3. Figures from CoGro and TAPS sales were given. CoGro is leading at a 50% increase since last year, and TAPS has an 18% increase in sales since last year.

4. There’s a push for a 3-year rather than 5-year strategic plan. After meeting with stakeholders, four main points were proposed for the plan: professionalism, profitability, understanding and expanding the market of the AMS services, and strengthening employee experience.

5. The possibility of creating a quota for faculties such as Engineering who are usually less represented in the AMS was discussed. Some worried that this would promote further faculty divide.

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