Board of Trustees Oct. 2 recap

Principal and Provost address student satisfaction, wellness centre in reports

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On Friday Oct. 2, the Queen’s Board of Trustees — one of Queen’s three governing bodies — held their first quarterly meeting of the academic year.

Principal’s verbal report

In his verbal report to the Board, Principal Woolf briefly updated the Board on some the recent events on campus, including the passing of Andrea Mariano, the renaming of the Smith School of Business and street parties during Frosh Week.

In his report, he also mentioned the conclusion of The Advisory Committee on Divestment of Fossil Fuels consultations with the community. According to Woolf, the committee addressed concerns of over 220 interested parties, and will likely submit their report to him within the next months.

Principal’s strategic framework

Principal Woolf also presented the Board with an update on the progress of his strategic framework.

Part of the framework focuses on the student learning experience. Woolf noted that recent surveys suggest the University is on its way to meeting its targets, although one of the surveys showed a decrease in satisfaction from doctoral students.

However, Woolf said there’s a general dissatisfaction among doctoral students across Canada, and with the job market shrinking for PhD students, it won’t be easy to raise satisfaction levels.

Provost’s verbal report

As part of his verbal update, Provost Alan Harrison said the building on 87 Union St. — formerly known as the Physical Education Centre — was officially identified this summer as the new site for a Student Health and Wellness Centre.

Provost Harrison said the University plans to incorporate an innovative learning centre along with the wellness centre. Estimated costs haven’t yet been provided by architects, but Harrison said he hopes to present a proposal to the Board soon.

Non-academic discipline

As recently reported, the Board of Trustees announced on Sept. 18 that an interim protocol will replace its current non-academic misconduct system while an advisory committee conducts a review of the system as a whole.

However, there was no mention of the review in any agenda topic. The only time the issue was brought up was in each of the verbal reports presented to the Board by student leaders. Rector Mike Young, AMS President Kanivanan Chinniah and President of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students Chris Cochrane each addressed the topic in their reports.

Both Young and Chinniah expressed a need for further student consultation throughout the review process. Cochrane, meanwhile, put his trust in the Board and said he was more than satisfied with the amount of consultation that has taken place.

All motions approved

  • From Senate — That the Board of Trustees ratify the action of the Senate to approve the Policy on the selection of honorary degree candidates, pursuant to Section 28 of the Consolidated Royal Charter.
  • From Audit and Risk Committee — That the Board of Trustees approve the audited consolidated financial statements of Queen’s University for the year ended April 30, 2015.
  • From Capital Assets and Finance Committee — That the Board of Trustees approve the lease for a portion of Hotel Dieu Hospital.
  • From the Investment Committee — That the Board of Trustees amend the Queen’s Investment Funds Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures.


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