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Take a road trip, go camping and see live music for a weekend? Bonnaroo, one of the most anticipated music festivals of the summer takes place in Manchester, Tennessee on June 13-16. Although the price of $269.50 before tax may seem steep, the festival makes it a worthwhile experience.

The roadtrip in itself is lots of fun and will create a host of memories. Not only are you exposed to different landscapes as you pass through states, but you get to spend quality time with your friends and blast your favourite songs in anticipation for the line up. The trip takes about 10 hours from Toronto and taking turns driving makes it an east ride. Though the drive back may be a little less exciting (you can guarantee you’ll be sleep deprived), it’s well worth the trek as you’ll have the weekend to look back on.

Camping out adds another dimension to the unique experience. One of the best parts about camping in close quarters with the thousands of other visitors is you get to meet new people, often from different countries and cultures. The festival energy creates a bond between everyone where individual differences become irrelevant; everyone is there to celebrate and have a good time, and you’ll get each other even more pumped up. It’s also great to spend time in such a relaxed environment; walking around in shorts and spending days without showering is a norm. You also get to lounge around on picnic blankets, enjoying the sunny outdoors. Make sure to pack a tent, a tarp and some sleeping bags.

Another highlight has to be the food: the festival brings infamous drive up food stands that have won competitions for best rated food in the US. Some highlights include cheap grilled cheese and hotdogs wrapped in bacon. There’s even a Bonnaroo-flavoured ice cream.

And finally, there’s the music. Join thousands of other festivalgoers and experience an energy you can’t begin to describe until you’ve experienced it yourself. Taking in the music while basking in the sun to your favourite artists is quite a unique experience.

Here’s a preview of the incredible line up for 2013:

• Paul McCartney

• Mumford & Sons

• Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

• Wilco

• Pretty Lights

• R. Kelly

• Wu-Tang Clan

• Nas

• The Lumineers

• Of Monsters And Men

• Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

• Wolfgang Gartner

• The Sheepdogs

• Billy Idol

• Bjork

And many, many more

Get your tickets now!


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